Transform a Garage into Rental Income

  Also read: What condition does my house need to be to be rented? Car ownership is fast becoming a thing of the past, especially in cities like Philadelphia. With car shares, bike shares, car services, better public transportation options and an overall healthier, walk more approach to life, Philadelphia has far less need for […]

5 Ways to Fix and Prevent Frozen Pipes

Also Read Property Manager Tips On Helping Your Tenants Survive a Winter Snowstorm   It’s that time of the year, that pipes can freeze; and if you are a property owner or a property manager, you should know what to do when water pipes freeze. Frozen pipes not only stop tenants from having water for cooking, […]

Take a Crash Course in Philadelphia Student Housing Investments

Understanding Philadelphia Student Housing Investments Student housing is probably the best-kept secret in Philadelphia real estate investment. What differentiates student housing from other Philadelphia real estate transactions is the fact that it offers more stability than the others. As students being to make their way back to school, you might want to start shopping around […]

How To Do a Philadelphia Eviction Of A Tenant

HOW LONG BEFORE I CAN EVICT A TENANT FROM MY PHILADELPHIA RENTAL PROPERTY? After about 40 to 60 days of filling the lockout complaint, if that is required. However, the eviction might take longer if the tenant decides to contest the eviction or even file an appeal. That typically requires a tenant to show up […]

5 Tips For Landlords for A Stress-Free Winter

The best time for a landlord property owner, or a property manager, to getaway is probably when the holidays are winding down  and when the rental market slows – however, unprepared property is always at risk, especially against seasonal hazards such as freezing temperatures, rental property fires and winter storms may give you second thoughts […]

How to Select a Property Management Company

Investing in the Philadelphia rental property market can feel overwhelming as Philadelphia has an incredibly diversity of neighborhoods and rental markets. Each Philadelphia neighborhood has its own real estate market value price and these can range from the multi-million dollar property values down to tens of thousands. But that is Philadelphia’s greatest strength in the […]

Tenant Screening Tips From A Property Manager

Everything you Need to Know About Tenant Screening as a Philadelphia Landlord Tenant screening is one of the most essential aspects of property management’s risk-based approach. This article will help you understand the importance of utilizing a formal screening procedure and following it consistently and how it helps you maintain the standards set by fair […]

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