How to Handle Philadelphia Real Estate Risks Through Diversification

For inactive Philadelphia real estate investors, they are usually exposed to several risks.  In mitigating these risks, an important factor to be considered is diversification; and Philadelphia is an ideal environment for that. It has a great many different neighborhoods, income levels and tastes.  Becoming an inactive real estate investor might be due to various […]

Property Manager Tips On Helping Your Tenants Survive a Winter Snowstorm

Irrespective of the winter storm emergency, your tenants, and your rental property, will stay safe if these tips are followed accordingly. There is no need to be frightened when you discover your rental house has been covered by snow.  Here are tips to assist you in managing common household emergencies that can emanate from cold […]

Property Management Mistakes To Avoid By Landlords

  Most of the people go on their own when it comes to the process of property management in Philadelphia. It can be easy if you have into the property management business in the past but if you are a local person who has no past background of managing the property, then it can get […]

17 Important “Guidelines” Your Philadelphia Rental Lease Should Cover

As a Philadelphia Property Management Company, our lease is perhaps the most important document we use.  It is the legal agreement between my company and our tenant. An attachment to that lease, and therefore a part of that legal agreement is a set of house rules.  The house rules are just what you think they […]

How Important are Credit Scores to a Philadelphia Property Management Company?

Virtually all people involved in managing a property for rent, understands the importance of having potential rental applicants screen for credit. This applies to professional Philadelphia Management Companies like ours, Landlords and Real Estate Agents. And in Philadelphia, its hard to find a tenant looking for a rental that doesn’t expect to have some form […]

How Accurate is the City of Philadelphia Property Assessment of My Rental Property

How Accurate is City of Philadelphia Property Assessment on Rental Property? Most property managers, real estate agents and experienced real estate investors, often hear from clients or potential sellers how their property is worth a certain amount because their City of Philadelphia Assessment tells them so. Unfortunately, a property’s value is generally very different than […]

How Accurate is Zillow’s Zestimates?

The bane of everyone involved in the real estate industry, be it as a real estate agent, a property manager, or a real estate investor buying holdings is Zillow and their horribly inaccurate Zestimates. Inexperienced property owners often give credit to the website, that has no actual foundation to base values against. Zillow hasn’t step […]

Philadelphia Property Tax Increase Fight

City Councilman Allan Domb said he thought the city should look first at cutting spending and making government more efficient instead of raising taxes — and, in the future, should consider a revenue-neutral system. “Otherwise,” he said, “it’s a backdoor way of collecting taxes.” This is good news for Philadelphia Rental Property Owners. The less […]