Property Management in Philadelphia

We Manage Philadelphia Rental Properties for Landlords.
You give us your keys, we do the rest. Our company manages your Philadelphia property to eliminate your stress & save you time. We protect your property & increase its profit for you.

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Philadelphia Property Management Services
Full Professional Property Management Company for Your Philadelphia Rental Property

Rent Collection

The only thing you need to do to receive your rental payment, from your property each month -  is spend it.

We automatically electronically deposit it for you so you don't even need to cash your rental checks.

Our property management company is  going to save you both time and hassle!


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Maintenance Requests

You won't be dealing with late night property repair calls anymore. Our management company will do it for you.

Our 24 hr, 7 day a week system will.

We oversee all repairs for you and we're pretty good at it.

We will be keeping your tenant happy and your property investment protected.

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Rental Marketing

Is it better to choose the best of two interested tenants or the best out of ten?
Grow Property Management will find you a better tenant: one that stays longer, pays more rent & cares for your property. We use multi-level marketing, same day showings, advertise to real estate agent companies, use the MLS, websites and our own tenant draw.

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Tenant Screening

We'll screen your tenants until they are squeaky-screened!

Grow Property Management screens your tenants through a pre-application process, a formal in-depth application process, a criminal check, a credit check, a background check, their past rental history check and an eviction history check.

Including 3rd party credit reporting companies.

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Property Inspections

From now on you will have peace of mind knowing our property manager service does regular scheduled inspections of your rental property investment.

We inspect your property so that $3 dollar service problems don't become $3,000 ones for your rental.

Grow Property Management is a  company that is going to save you both time and hassle!

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Legalize Your Rental

We are working hard to keep you, and your Philadelphia rental property, fully compliant with City, State and Federal Laws required for owning a rental property in Philadelphia.

We know our way around rental property compliance and we provide you expert advice to keep you worry-free about your rental.

Grow Property Management will take care of this for you.

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Tenant Evictions

Tenant screening is the name of the Philadelphia property manager's game.

But you still have peace of mind knowing that Grow Property Management is here to get your property easily & stress-free, through an eviction, if it ever happens.

Inexpensively and back to market!

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Yearly Tax Report

You no longer have to worry about the end of the year tax nightmare.

Now you avoid the post holiday chore with our accounting firm property management report prep.

Our accountants will make any accountant proud!

Our yearly tax report system makes it a snap.

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Monthly Reports

Your rental property is an investment.

Grow Property Management maintains full detailed reports on your investment.

We'll give you your property's in-depth rental report card each month.

You can even access your statements around the clock in your owner portal.

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Tenant, Potential Tenant & Owner Portals

Philadelphia Rental Listings

Looking for the perfect Philadelphia property to rent? Grow Property Management manages incredible houses and apartments and our company has the perfect Philadelphia rentals for you! Click here to Love Your Rental Space!

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Landlord/Property Owner Portal

Already one of our wonderful clients? Access your one place to see everything related to your property, in your property owner portal - where you can see your Philadelphia Rental Property in action. Happy real estate investing!

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Rental Tenant Portal

Are you one of our beloved tenants? Get immediate access in your Tenant Portal where you can submit an instant property repair request, pay rent and all other rental inquiries. Grow Property Management is here to help you !

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Philadelphia Property Management Solution

As a Philadelphia real estate investor, I know the benefits and extra income an investment property can bring in. I am also aware of the time and attention that is needed when it comes to managing the property yourself. With that said, I'd like to offer you my Philadelphia property management services and introduce you to my Philadelphia company, Grow Property Management.

We offer you a complete property management solution. We handle every from the mundane tasks to analysis on your returns.


As a Philadelphia Property Management Company - We manage your property 24/7 - let us handle your rental tenant showings, placements, evictions, lease preparation, maintenance calls, property inspections, rent collections, financial reporting, lawn care and snow removal.

Our pricing is easy, just 8% of your property’s monthly rent - So you can simplify your life and decrease your stress without taking a hit on your investment return.

Your property is your investment, so we talk in investment terms:   

A property manager company needs to make you money - not cost you money.

We can rent your property faster, for more rent, and for a better tenant - one that will stay longer. We prevent large repair expenditures through preventative maintenance and we get your property fixed faster, and for far less than it would cost otherwise.

I know your time is your greatest investment and I thank you for using it to inquire about how we can help you. I look forward to working with you and maximizing your rental investment!

Your Next Step... simply to request more information about our property management service. Request now by text, email or phone.