Philadelphia Rent Calculator

How much rent can my Philadelphia property get? That's easy!
Use the Rent Calculator below and will generate a report on how much rent your Philadelphia property will rent for based upon comparable rental properties in your neighborhood. We will email your report, including your rent range. I think you will find it is very accurate!

What makes owning a rental property such an incredible investment is that rents always trend upwards and debt trends downwards.

Meaning that in an up real estate market, where properties cost more to buy - rents tend to go up.

And in a down market, when properties cost less to buy, rents again tend to up.

But in an upmarket, and especially in a downmarket, inflation continues and this greatly reduces debt. This time next year, if you owe a dollar, that dollar's value will be less do to inflation.

So each year we expect your rents to increase (your cashflow) and you property equity to also increase (your wealth!); but your debt to decrease.

This not only makes rental property investing recession proof, it actually creates immense wealth, just that economic dynamic alone.

And there are so many other benefits to rental property investing  - That's just one of them!

~ Joe White, Owner Grow Property Management