Vacant Philadelphia Property Owners

Do you have a vacant Philadelphia property?  If so we have two options that might sense for you. If selling the property is the right decision, consider selling it off market to a cash buyer investor. That way you avoid the 6% commission real estate agents typically charge and also the agency fees. You also get to sell the property "As-Is", avoid weekly buyer showings, inspections, lender hurdles and the paperwork. The other option is to keep it as a rental, income property. Either way, here's a short 3 minute video that will explain how we will help you.

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My name is Joe White and I own Grow Property Management.
My company manages rental properties for their owners.

If you are watching this podcast you might have a vacant property or you are possibly just interested in selling your home without hassles and you want to do it in the easiest way possible.

So you are probably researching how you can sell your property off market, but still want to get a fair price.

Possibly you are looking for an easy way to sell by looking for a cash buyer.

Or you also might be curious about making it into a successful rental property for you.
One where you can collect the rent; but avoid the landlord hassles.

For either of those two wants I have two solutions for you:

If you are considering selling, I assume you want to avoid not just the hassles of selling a property, but also all the time and costs that using a real estate agency brings. 

If you are watching this podcast you probably want to avoid having to pay agent fees and 6% of your property’s money in the commissions they typically charge.

If that is the case, and you are considering selling your property, this solution might be for you.

My clients are constantly looking for new properties to buy, and connecting you might be a way to help you and them at the same time.

If this is a fit it would be a win-win for you and a win for my client.

Here's a little more information on my clients:

If you are interested in selling your property: they are cash investors who would purchase the property "as is" and off market.

For you, that means a simple way to unload the property, where you won't have to deal with an endless stream of showing the property to buyers every week, you won’t pay commissions, agency fees, deal with inspections, deal with lender hurdles, the endless paperwork or have to make any repairs to the property.

You would have a single point of contact person for the sale, that would likely be me, and you can sell your property on your timeline, whether that is fast or slow.  Sell immediately or sell later.

These are buyers with cash, so they are ready whenever you are.

That’s option one. I can connect you to a super easy way to sell your property, that would save you money by getting you a fair offer for your property.

But If you're not interested in selling the property, I understand.

I have a 2nd option for you.

There is another potential alternative that may be helpful in alleviating any hassles a vacant property might be causing you.

As I mentioned earlier, Grow Property Management is a full-service property management company.

We handle all aspects of owning a rental property for Philadelphia property owners.

This includes municipality compliance, tenant marketing and screening, we handle the leases, the rent billing, and its collection, we manage the security deposit management, the property inspections, and the property maintenance.

In other words, we can help you turn your property into a valuable source of income for years to come.

My intention in reaching out to you was in the hope that I have a solution that might help my company and also my property management clients, one that might help you at the same time.

If things fit it is a great deal for everyone.

If either of these options sound interesting to you, and you want more information please call, text, me at (267) 414-0970 or email me through this site.

Contact me however is easiest for you. Again, call, text or email.

I am happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Or if you take 2 minutes to fill out the form below; we can typically get you information and even an offer very quickly.

I will talk to you then.