Tenant Repair & Maintenance Charges

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Most repairs, regarding a rental property are the financial responsibility of the landlord and the Property Management Company. However, the exceptions are tenant related issues and responsibilities - things associated with the tenant's activities or fall under items covered under the mandatory tenant insurance we require all of our tenants to have.

Repair & Responsibility Items You Can Expect to Be Billed for as a Tenant:

  • Clogged Pipes or Toilets. If a pipe clogs after the 2 weeks a tenant is in the property it is assumed to be related to the tenant. One common tenant charge occurs from flushing products or disposable wipes.
  • Broken Windows. A broken window is typically covered under tenant insurance, which all of our tenant's are required to have. It is important to check your policy to make sure you are covered as this is a tenant expense.
  • Pest Control (except termites). If your rental unit has a pest control problem from rodents, bedbugs, ants, ect, after 2 weeks of your tenancy, it would be assumed to be tenant related and you are required to hire the appropriate licensed extermination company.
  • Break-ins. This is something that is should be covered under your tenant insurance and one reason why we require rental tenants to have it. Check your rental policy, and talk to your insurance company, to make sure you are adequately covered.
  • Relighting Gas Stove Pilot Lights. If you blow out the pilot light in your unit, getting it re-lit safely is a tenant responsibility.
  • Tenant Damage. This is defined as anything beyond normal wear & tear. If something is damaged, we may fix it before you move out, at your expense.
  • Missed Repair Appointments. Tenants are responsible for any missed repair appointments resulting from their cause. This includes missing a scheduled appointment, a missing key from a lockbox, a blocked door or a pet the repair person did not feel comfortable with. If we engage a repair company and schedule the appointment, you will be responsible for any charges they might bill us.
  • HVAC Filters. Tenants are required to change their filters every three months.
  • Smoke Detector Batteries, Thermostat Batteries, Water & Furnace Filters & Light Bulbs. When these items wear out from use, it is your responsibility, living in a rental, to replace these items as needed.
  • Seasonal Bleeding of Radiators. Properties with radiator heaters, often will need to have built up air released by using a radiator key (found at most hardware stores and online). Using the inexpensive radiator key, release the air. Stop when all air is gone or droplets of water are released.
  • Repairs Necessary Due to Tenant Negligence (for example, failure to timely report). If something breaks in your rental and you don't alert your property manager and the damage increases - you would be liable for the damage. An example would be a leaking dishwasher or toilet. If the damage isn't reported and the leak damages another unit, the tenant would be responsible for the repairs.

If it is determined the above apply to your tenancy, we will bill you within your tenant portal. This will show within your tenant ledger. Please remember that past due bills are subject to a Late Fees & also a daily late fee charge until paid.

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