How do I submit a repair request?

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At Grow Property Management we provide a very convenient tenant portal system where tenants can submit inquiries, including repairs, 24 hours a day, 356 days a year.

This tenant portal can be accessed from any computer or mobile device or even by app.

To access your tenant portal you can use the app, the direct link that we sent you in your welcome email, or you can access it from the main page of our website at:

In your tenant portal you will see a large button labeled "Request Maintenance". Simply click on that for any rental property inquiry you have.

Maintenance and your lease:
In your lease, you agreed to three things:

  1. That you will report any issue with the property immediately.
  2. If you do not report issues, or needed repairs to the property immediately, you will be responsible for the cost related to any damage from that neglect.
  3. That you will submit any inquiry, maintenance or repair requests through the tenant portal.

Report issues, inquiries or concerns immediately:
Your lease requires you to report any issues, including needed repairs immediately. One reason is that repairs can greatly increase in damage, even over a very short time span. A roof leaking in a small spot, for instance, can quickly become a major, expensive repair. It can damage more of the property. It can become a mold issue requiring professional remediation, it can cause damage to lower levels. The list goes on.

For that reason, tenants are legally, and contractually required to report any known issues, concerns or repairs regarding the rental property immediately.

Protect yourself and the property by reporting an issue in your tenant portal immediately.

You must submit inquiries and repairs through your tenant portal:

The reasons are many. Here are a few:

  • It's the fastest way. Your tenant portal is designed for your convenience. A maintenance request can be made in moments from any computer or mobile device.
  • It sets off immediate responses. The system is designed for an immediate reaction on our end.
  • It alerts us immediately. Phones, texts, nor emails are monitored. Certainly not how a maintenance request through the system is monitored. A maintenance request through your tenant portal sends texts and emails alerts to multiple recipients.
  • It documents your request and becomes part of your history. Not only does this protects you, but it also becomes part of the property's history that helps us identify problems and solutions.
  • It allows us to assign this to the correct repair solution. Once a maintenance request comes in from the system, it is auto populated with details regarding your property and we can instantly assign this to the correct repair person. And we can do that immediately. For example, when your heat is out, we can instantly send this to an HVAC person, that is in our system, so they can respond quickly and schedule the repair.

Failure to submit maintenance inquiries via your tenant portal would likely delay repairs and also places you in default of lease.

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