When is my rent due and how do I pay it?

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In the hierarchy of tenancy, your rental property is first governed by Federal, State and Philadelphia regulations. A close second is that a lease is a contract and as a contract a lease supersedes any policies a property management company might try to impose.

Of course, the lease that Grow Property Management uses, with our rental tenants, is based upon Federal, State and Philadelphia regulations and likely incorporates all the information you see here.

But say you signed your lease before Grow Property Management began managing your rental - In that case, your lease tends to come first (again, it's a contract). However, if when we review your lease we feel it infringes on your legal rights, we adjust how we interact with you, to make sure you are given those rights that you deserve.

Rent charges specific to you.
The exact date your rent is due, the grace period you are allowed to be late and the late fee and other fees you will be charged, are detailed specifically in your lease.

When is my rent due?
Your rent is likely due on the 1st of the month - even if your lease began on another day of the month. Most tenants find this easiest and it is our policy.

How do I make my rental payment?
Rent payments are paid electronically through your Tenant Portal. Our online payment system is extremely versatile and allows you to pay your rent from any computer or through your phone app. It allows you to pay your rent through a variety of payment options, most are free.

What forms of payment can I use to pay my rent?
You can pay your rent through an ACH payment through your bank account (fee), by credit card or even using cash at a kiosk at participating stores. You can pay your rental payment manually each month and customize reminders to help you to remember. Or you can set up your portal to pay your rent automatically each month, so you never need to do anything (this is no cost). Your portal can be accessed through GrowPropertyManagement.com, or through the direct link we will send you. We do reserve the right to require certified funds for rent or other payments if rents are late on more than three occasions or there have been two NSF payments.

How much will I be charged if I pay my rent late?
Your late fee is likely 10% of your monthly rent. We typically impose this fee on the 5th of the month (at 12am). There is also a daily late fee charged there after starting on the 6th of the month. This amount isn't meant to be punitive - rather it is intended to compensate the owner for the charges they incur having to manage a property's expenses without the expected rental payment.

What happens if I bounce my rental check (NSF)?
It can happen to any of us. It's not uncommon for a bank to block charges or forms of payment, like debit cards sometimes get stolen. Banks typically charge both the tenant and our management company for a NSF, so we are charge a $75 fee to compensate.

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