Co-Signer Rental Property Rights

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Can a co-signer discuss the lease or tenant matters?

It is our policy not to discuss tenant matters with co-signers.

This is something that does come up, for example when a parent is making a student's rental payments. It's understandable that they feel they have the right to discuss household matters.

However, rental tenant rights come first.

A co-signer is a financial guarantor and does not have lease or occupancy rights. They are there only to guarantee the property financially.

The only time a guarantor comes into play is when there is a financial default. For example if the rent isn't paid or if there is property damage to the rental.

Tenants have rights. They have Fair Housing Rights. They have Credit Act Rights. They also have many other rental property rights (as they should) that must be maintained.

And we can not infringe on those rights, even if a non-tenant is the one paying the rent.

We are also limited in what we can discuss with individual tenants. For example, telling a husband, or a wife tenant, what is on the other's credit check, infringes on their rights.

While we understand the inquiries we receive, it's our policy and often, also the law to limit what we can discuss.

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