Can I use my own contractor to make property repairs?

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In short, yes, we are happy to work with your favorite contractors!

In fact, we are always looking to upgrade the contractor vendor solutions that we refer to out clients. Meeting yours, especially if you highly recommend them, is always welcome. If they are that good at providing a property solution, we would hope to build a mutually beneficial relationship with them. We have properties that always need the best providers.

However, our policy is that we schedule the work. This is due to tenancy access laws and other liabilities we need to navigate to protect you, your property, our property management company and the tenant's legal rights.

Important things to consider are to make sure you are using a licensed Philadelphia contractor, one that has insurance to cover you, to collect W9 information and to meet the IRS 1099 requirements.

Most property owners are unaware of IRS regulations regarding contractors. Specifically, the requirement to collect a signed W9 form, is one we have seen a few property owners run into problems with.

The IRS puts the burden of tax reporting upon the service receiver, and not the service provider. Meaning, if you don't collect a completed & signed W9 from a service provider, you might take on that person's tax debt for the work they provided your rental property!

The IRS also requires a yearly 1099 be mailed out to that vendor,  using the information collected on the W9.

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