If I want to sell or buy a property can you help?

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In fact, at the time of this writing we are currently selling the most expensive single family property in Philadelphia and we have several other high value listings.  We sell a wide range of properties, both in price and neighborhood. Currently we are selling a property for only $30,000 and another for $17 million. And we are even selling a multi-building development opportunity!

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We build wealth for our property management clients by assisting them in building their portfolios. These portfolios systematically grow and our client’s profit increases measurably. We identify rental properties based upon Buy It Right criteria. Our clients build with properties that create instant cash flow and also build them equity. Our clients often buy without out of pocket savings; but rather with property equity. We are well versed in forced appreciation strategies. Property buying strategies that actively create equity, far beyond the investment.

We are the frontlines of rental property investments. Not only do we fix properties when they break, but we also know when they might break - before they do. We know the costs involved with painting, roofing, plumbing and electrical. We evaluate those systems daily. We know what features tenants look for and what raises rent. We know the Philadelphia rental market neighborhoods because we manage properties in those neighborhoods. We

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We have a marketing and sales background and our approach is always statistically based. Understanding marketing facts and implementing them are what drive immense traffic to a property that is for rent, or one that is for sale.

Our Qualities We Think Help Our Clients Buy & Sell Real Estate:

  • Responsiveness. There is a real estate statistic that demonstrates that if your agent takes just 30 minutes to respond to an inquiry about your home, they have an 83% chance of never hearing from that person again. Responding to a home buyer, or a real estate agent’s, inquiry about your property might be the single most important thing we do. And this is where we have an advantage over any other real estate agent solution. We are already fully staffed with systems and personal in place that makes us highly responsive. How responsive are we? For most of our properties we offer Instant Showings. That means we can get a prospective buyer to see your property instantly (if it suits you). How important is this? We have sold homes to buyers who only saw the one house.

  • Ability to Negotiate. Real estate negotiation is highly emotional. Buyers are emotional because they want your property and for the best price. Home sellers are emotional because they want top dollar. Real estate agents can be especially emotional; because they need to get paid. And other people’s emotion is perhaps the greatest hurdle your agent will need to navigate. You can not afford to have an agent that is emotion themselves. Nor can you afford to have a reactive agent that gets affected by the emotions of others. While we appreciate others emotions; for us, real estate transactions come down to money.

  • Marketing. Statistically over 80% of all homes sold are found by buyers online during the time windows on Monday through Friday, between 8-9 am and 11:30-1230pm. And each home buyer only looks at an average of 3.1 property listings each time they look for a new home. We are marketing educated and tech savvy. More home buyers will see your property with us. It is a numbers game.

  • Attention to Detail. Time and time again we have seen our clients advantaged at the settlement table, because the agent on the other side has made an oversite. Not only do these agents create far more work for themselves; but they walk away with an angry client. Attention to detail is a must, and a system that supports that also helps.

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