Philadelphia Probate Process

Navigating the City of Philadelphia probate system is as frustrating, as it is time consuming. The hassles and effort come at what is likely a difficult time for those forced into the city's probate system. But we have two easy solutions in this three minute video.

When the City of Philadelphia Probate system involves a property, that's where we can help. We can eliminate the property hassles completely.

We purchase properties undergoing the probate process, and we do it without having to interview agents, deal with endless buyer showings, lock boxes, endless inspections, appraisals, bank hurdles, repairs, or the holding costs like property tax, insurance costs, utility bills or maintenance.

If you would like a simple offer for your probate property(s) simply fill out this three minute form and we will give you a quick quote.

My name is Joe White, I own Grow Property Management. My company manages rental properties for property owners.

First I am sorry if this is hard for you.  Each of us processes differently and I assume this is a difficult time for you. Many people that find themselves within the probate process are thankful for my solutions and some are not quite ready for it.

The reason I am reaching out to you is that I have two easy solutions that you might find very helpful.

The 1st thing I can do for you is to effortlessly, get the property sold very quickly.

My clients buy properties. If you decide to sell, and need to do it on your own timeline (fast or slow), and you don't want to deal with endless showings, real estate commissions, inspections, no repairs, having to empty the house, or clean it and deal with all the processes that can bog your life down; I can help. My clients tend to be efficient cash buyer investors that buy property As Is, and also off market. I am offering you an intentionally simple way to sell the property.

The 2nd option that you might also consider would be to keep this property as a rental.

We are a full service property management company. We completely handle all aspects of owning a rental property for property owners. We handle all the municipality compliance, tenant marketing & screening, leases, rent billing collection, security deposit management, property inspections and property maintenance.

Again, I am sorry if my timing is off and this letter catches you badly. My intention is to offer you solutions and not to be disrespectful, or intrusive at what might be a very difficult time.

My hope is that this letter might offer some relief and take some of the burden off your shoulders; while helping my current clients find good options.

Call, Text or Email me. My contact information is below.