Contractors. You Can Have Fast, Good or Cheap.

Contractors. You Can Have Fast, Good or Cheap. But You Can't Have All 3

There's a saying about contractors that you can have fast, you can have good, or you can have cheap. You can have two, but you can't have three. It's been my experience owning a property management company that that is very much true. We opt for good first. That's paramount because the guy who's sitting on a couch waiting for our call to do a repair is often not the guy who can actually fix whatever the problem is.

Opting for such talent may result in time wasting for all parties involved, so we always go for good. Our contractors tend to be very good options, first and foremost. Next, is choosing reasonable priced contractors because a reasonably priced contractor also tends to be fair and also tends to be a good contractor. The disadvantage is that managing rental properties is that you are working against the clock for repairs. Usually, the longer a repair takes to get resolve, the more the property owner or property manager loses financially. Good luck!!!