Will I get called in the middle of the night for repairs?

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As your property management company, we handle all that! So no late night emergency calls from tenants or having to deal with random tenant issues on the weekend, holidays or when you are away on vacation. Your downtime, and all your time for that matter, is yours. We manage your rental property, including emergency repairs and after hours inquiries.

We handle the management of your property and when it comes to repairs, minor, major, non- time sensitive or emergencies, we make it a point to be good at it. We have experience and knowledge regarding property repairs, including formal education. We feel we can get your property fixed faster, better and for less money than it could be done otherwise. This is done by having repair experience and by fostering vendor relationships with as many Philadelphia trades as possible, like handypersons, contractors, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, HVAC and even public adjusters and hazzard companies.

These companies like being referred by us as we have the clientbase that gives us the ability to refer a considerable amount of work to them. We remove many hurdles contractors face such as having to find work/clients, easy access to the property, tracking down payment for completed work and other issues.

We feel we get a discount due to our high volume, and the ease in working for us and we know we aren’t over-billed or charged for items some property owners might not know didn’t need fixing. We also expect our vendors to comeback if there is anything wrong with the repair.

As the property owner, you have your Owner Portal; so you can stay informed. There you can see any on going or past repair history and check the status.

Our tenants also have their own portal where they can do a variety of things, including submit repair requests, inquiries or contact us by phone, text or email. Tenants can alert us to emergencies regarding the property, or even simple inquiries. They can check on the status of a property repair request, see their history, review documents, like their lease and schedule or make rent payments. This can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. This includes holidays.

Tenants also know they can reference our Tenant FAQ section to familiarize themselves on our policies and what is expected of them when they live in one of our rental properties.

We have never had a first response to a property emergency exceed $300. And that is why our Property Management Agreement with you likely states we have your permission to make any repair upto $300.00 without permission. In today’s highly accessible world, between mobile phones, text and emails we have always been able to get hold of an owner when we have needed to; but if somehow we couldn’t get a property owner, in an emergency, they would likely be relieved we spent that $300 to protect their property!

Beyond $300, it’s our policy to get an owner’s acceptance for a repair. We will give you our recommendations on our suggested course of action. As always, our approach is always from an investment perspective and those numbers will generally come first when we speak to you about your property.  

The vendors we use are by referral only. Meaning we recommend a contractor to you; but you don’t have to use that contractor. You might be well served to; but that is your choice and we are always happy to meet with a new contractor as we are always on the hunt for a good solution for our clients.

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