Tips on How to Find the Perfect Property Manager to Handle Your Rental

Find Best Property Management Company is Philadelphia You’ll probably have your preferred screening procedures in place before you begin your search for the perfect tenant. You need to be just as thorough when choosing a property manager to supervise the tenants. You will want to get someone with nice referrals, strong management contract and great […]

4 Reasons to Invest in Philadelphia Student Rental Properties

I’ve recently spoken to a few REIA groups here in Philadelphia about my property management business. They ask me to speak on my take on the Philadelphia Student Housing Market as an investment; and I thought it would be a good idea to share this info on the Grow Property Management Blog. Also read: Take a […]

Is Philadelphia Student Housing Still A Good Investment

How Viable Is the Philadelphia Student Housing Investment Market? Also Read Take a Crash Course in Philadelphia Student Housing Investments As at 10 years ago when I started a Philadelphia student housing management company and jumped into the student housing investment sector, Philadelphia student housing was thought to be in its “toddler” phase. Today however, […]

5 Ways to Attract Millennials to Your Property

Millenials with college debts used to struggle to acquire rental properties after four years of college. However, this is no longer the case as they have become the nation’s largest renting demographic. They are even beginning to buy homes. So, the biggest question is, how do you attract these millennials to your available rental property? […]

Complete Philadelphia Landlord Guide

Step By Step How To On Owning A Rental Property in Philadelphia Step One – How to Get Your Philadelphia Rental Property Rented Are you aware that more than half the residents of Philadelphia are renters? If you have property within our city, this is certainly good news for you. It is necessary for landlords […]

Philadelphia AirBnB Vs Owning a Rental Property

What is more profitable? Owning an AirBnB short Term Rental or a Traditional Rental? A Philadelphia Short-Term Rental Guide: This Guide Compares Owning a Traditional Rental Vs. Owning a Philadelphia Short Term Rental, Like an AirBnb The question, we answer in this article is which is the better investment option for real estate investors between […]

5 Steps to Keeping Squatters Out

Here is a story going around the property management industry.  The local police went to a rental property community in Alabama last August to effect the eviction of three squatters as ordered by the court. However, they discovered some evidence of massive theft and fraud operation in the area. Read How are evictions handled? Three men […]

Property Managers Do Much More Than Manage Properties

Property managers have more varied responsibilities than some might have realized at  the beginning of their career. Apart from running the properties, you have to manage relationships with both owners and tenants, while balancing different everyday tasks. You need to possess an array of skills and certain behaviors if you want to succeed in property […]

Should a Rental Have a Tankless Water Heater

In Philadelphia property managers, landlords and HOAs are beginning to clamor for tankless water heaters, since most residents would rather have energy-efficient upgrades. However, you need to first understand the upfront costs of water heaters. Here are some pertinent information on tankless water heaters before you make that switch with your Philadelphia rental properties: 3 Ways […]

Transform a Garage into Rental Income

  Also read: What condition does my house need to be to be rented? Car ownership is fast becoming a thing of the past, especially in cities like Philadelphia. With car shares, bike shares, car services, better public transportation options and an overall healthier, walk more approach to life, Philadelphia has far less need for […]

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