A property manager should make you money, not cost you money.
Our cost is only 8% of the monthly rents & just 1 month's rent to find you an incredible tenant.  Here are the ways we will make you money & eliminate your stress:

Tenant Placement, Marketing & Screening

Full level marketing & tenant screening to get you the very best tenant available. Stop dealing with a tenant.

we market to get you multiple tenants to choose from and our screening process allows us to find the best renter for your property.

  • Criminal / Credit / Background / Past Rental Checks
  • Advertising (w/MLS listings)
  • Instant Showings
  • Full Lease Management

Rent Billing, Collection & Accounting

We manage the property billing & the expenses and we help keep your property compliant with City & State Laws.

We ease your end of the of year tax filing burden with our detailed financial reports. You can even access your statements around the clock in our 24/7 digital account portal.

  • Accounts Payable
  • Monthly Statements
  • Yearly Tax Statements
  • Late Rent Payment Management

Tenant Inquiries & Maintenance Requests

Late night emergency calls?
We're on it!

Stop wasting time responding to property maintenance requests. Let our property manager team handle the hard work for you, keeping your tenant happy and your home in great condition.

  • 24/7 Tenant Emergency Request System
  • Move In/Out Inspections
  • Facilitate Property Repairs
  • Maintenance Coordination

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We operate your property from an investment perspective

Your rental property is your investment. A property management company needs to make you money - not cost you money.
We can rent your property faster, for more rent, and for a better tenant - one that will stay longer. And a property management company needs to prevent large repair expenditures for your rental properties, through preventative maintenance. A property manager should get repairs fixed faster, and for far less than they would cost otherwise.

Monthly Reports

Detailed accounting and monthly reports allow property owners to take the ownership role. You are not an employee of your rental property investment. You don't work for it - it works for you.


Your Next Step... simply to request more information about our service. Request now by text, email or phone.