How Accurate is the City of Philadelphia Property Assessment of My Rental Property

How Accurate is City of Philadelphia Property Assessment on Rental Property? Most property managers, real estate agents and experienced real estate investors, often hear from clients or potential sellers how their property is worth a certain amount because their City of Philadelphia Assessment tells them so. Unfortunately, a property’s value is generally very different than […]

How Accurate is Zillow’s Zestimates?

The bane of everyone involved in the real estate industry, be it as a real estate agent, a property manager, or a real estate investor buying holdings is Zillow and their horribly inaccurate Zestimates. Inexperienced property owners often give credit to the website, that has no actual foundation to base values against. Zillow hasn’t step […]

Philadelphia Property Tax Increase Fight

City Councilman Allan Domb said he thought the city should look first at cutting spending and making government more efficient instead of raising taxes — and, in the future, should consider a revenue-neutral system. “Otherwise,” he said, “it’s a backdoor way of collecting taxes.” This is good news for Philadelphia Rental Property Owners. The less […]

Philadelphia L & I Changes on Property

Just posted by Philadelphia Major Kenny: “We’ve increased L&I’s resources, and L&I is cracking down on dangerous properties, making Philadelphia a safer city for all. “The city’s decisive action is a sign that it is getting smarter and tougher about enforcing safety codes. L&I and the Law Department are seeking maximum fines and penalties in […]

Do Hidden Safes Attract Tenants

I was at Property Management Mastermind Group with several top property management companies from around the country and after the conversation became more casual among the property managers in attendance, some asked our opinion on if hidden safes in rental properties add rental value. Essentially, the question is whether tenants would pay more rent and […]