Types of Property Managers

There are several different types of property managers. Heres a breakdown of what each type of property manager does. Each type of property manager is reflecting varying degrees of knowledge possessed at different management levels. Granted, the amount of authority also changes with the management level, but this is usually just a further reflection of a […]

Rental Property Philly 311 Guide

Nothing devalues a Philadelphia rental property more than its neighborhood. While a great renovation will greatly increase your rents and decrease your vacancy; the greatest decider on market price for your rental will be where it sits.Location is important, that’s no big secret in the real estate world; but does the Philadelphia rental investor have […]

Was Philadelphia’s Broad Street Ever Named 14th Street?

Short Answer is: Not ReallyPhiladelphia never really had a street labeled: “14th street”, though Broad Street serves as 14th Street, as its sits wonderfully between 13th and 15th Streets.Owning a property management company that specializes in Center City Philadelphia, I encounter the city’s best known arterial multiple times daily. And I’m also the property manager […]

Collecting Late Rent Fees in Philadelphia

Start Collecting Late Rent Fees Most experienced rental property owners will tell you that it’s not uncommon for tenants to pay their rental payments late. And it can cause financial problems for landlords who have their own expense to pay. Even the rental property itself has its own financial obligations that must be met – […]

Property Management Technology

How Technology Runs a Property Management Company Technology. In some fields it’s taking jobs, in but in fields like property management tech is merely adding important tools that help property managers untangle, and organize a sometimes complicated business. Owning a tech first property management company has allowed us a level of service we would never […]

Setting Up Simple Tenant Rent Reminders

Your tenants keep paying their rent late and it’s causing you problems with your rental property investment? Here’s a tip from a Philadelphia Property Manager that might help. Create a rent reminder that will be sent automatically to the tenant each month. You like automatic – you want your rental property to pay you passively […]

Message from the Pennsylvania Board of Realtors to Philadelphia

Message from the Pennsylvania Board of Realtors to Philadelphia Real Estate Agents Regarding the Recent Purposed Property Tax Hike to Property Owners: Dear GPAR Member, I hope this message finds you and your business doing well. I write to you about the City of Philadelphia’s FY2019 budget proposal and our positions on it. Where does […]

Change Rent Due Date on Philadelphia Rental Property

Property Manager Tip for Landlords You Can Change the Rent Due Date. As a property manager, we often accommodate our property owners in case of a late rent payment to make sure they receive their rent checks on time. And we view late rent payments as free money – a ten percent return (the maximum […]

Philadelphia Rental Properties Will Never Be Passive Income

If you own a rental property in Philadelphia, you already know that our market place requires landlords to maintain their properties to keep competitive with the other rental properties on the market. And unless you have one a good property management company, you know this requires a commitment of both time and money. (Click Best […]